Does Yakking Away Burn Extra Calories?

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This cell phone holder is sweat proof, but it won’t burn calories for you.
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Last week, while running around the UNM North Golf Course, I noticed not one but three people talking on their cell phones while exercising. I passed a teenage girl, a middle-aged woman and a man in his 20s, all of them in their gym clothes, huffing and puffing as they yammered away. Maybe I’ve been living in an Amish community recently, but I thought this was rather strange.

Even if you’re in really good shape, it’s got to be hard to talk on the phone while power-walking. The phone conversations of the walkers must have been interrupted by heavy breathing and pauses to wipe sweat off their brows. I understand the need for a distraction while exercising–who wants to be mentally present while dragging themselves up a hill?–but making phone calls seems a little ridiculous.

Maybe next time I go for a run I should make all of the phone calls I’ve been putting off for the last week. "Hi Uncle George," huff puff, "how did your" (pause to wipe sweat off face) "heart transplant" (grunt) "go?"
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