Domestic Partnership Bill’s First Hearing Tomorrow

Marisa Demarco
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Senate Bill 183 sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth and Rep. Mimi Stewart will be heard in the Senate Gallery tomorrow at around 1:30 p.m. The measure, which allows for domestic partnerships between heterosexual couples and same-sex couples, will be presented to Senate Judiciary and Public Affairs at the same time.

Supporters and opponents will try to flood the gallery.

Below is a list of who’s on those committees and phone numbers.

Judiciary Committee 505- 986-4485

Sen. Cisco McSorley 505-986-4487 Chair

Sen. Richard C. Martinez 505-986-4389 Vice Chair

Sen. Tim Eichenberg 505-986-4859

Sen. Clinton D. Harden 505-986-4369

Sen. Linda M. Lopez 505-986-4737

Sen. Sander Rue 505-986-4375

Sen. John C. Ryan 505-986-4373

Sen. Bernadette M. Sanchez 505-986-4267

Sen. Michael S. Sanchez 505-986-4727

Sen. Peter Wirth 505-986-4276

Sen. William H. Payne 505-986-4703

Public Affairs Committee 505-986-4481

Sen. Dede Feldman 505-986-4482 Chair

Sen. Tim Eichenberg 505-986-4859 Vice Chair

Sen. Vernon D. Asbill 505-986-4393

Sen. Mark Boitano 505-986-4366

Sen. Mary Jane M. Garcia 505-986-4726

Sen. Eric G. Griego 505-986-4862

Sen. George K. Munoz 505-986-4387

Sen. Cynthia Nava 505-986-4834

Sen. Gay G. Kernan 505-986-4274
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