Downtown's Best Street Meat

Downtown's Best Street Meat

Laura Marrich
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Downtown's Best Street Meat
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Every so often, I step out of Burt’s or Atomic to find clumps of bargoers reminiscing about the days (or nights, rather) when Richard Agee parked his Creperie Roulante cart on Gold and slung gourmet crepes, panini and other high-faloutin’ street meat to us discriminating drunks.

The latenight food options aren’t great down here. Since Richard packed up, the after-hours crowd can seek out one of three hot dog carts within walking distance, or simply head home. (Remember, Frontier isn’t open all-night anymore.) And you really have to be drunk to enjoy what’s here.

Then last week, a lanky, softspoken guy in cowboy boots and his well-mannered salt-and-pepper dog appeared Downtown. The two of them were set up on Gold. They had a gleaming hot dog stand hitched to what looked like a
Smart Car golf cart.

The menu’s plain: hot dogs ($2.50), chips, soda or water ($4 for the combo).

The ingredients are exceptional. Daniel (as I remember his name … I could be wrong, though) serves only
Keller’s all-natural franks, grilled (not soaked in hot dog water) and couched in Pastian’s buns (baked a few miles away on Second Street). For toppings, there’s mustard and ketchup (of course), grated organic cheese, onions and relish. Daniel even scoops hot ladlefuls of green chile stew onto your dog for an extra dollar. (I remember the stew being from Frontier, but my officemate, Devin O’Leary, disagrees. Maybe he switches it up.) The cherry on the sundae? Blue Sky sodas. I know.

You can find Daniel’s dogs on the Fourth Street Mall weekdays during lunch, and Thursday through Saturday nights on Gold between Third and Fourth Street.
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