Dream It, Draw It, Do It!

Week-Long Art Summer Camp For Kids

Summer Olsson
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Dream It, Draw It, Do It!
Kistler’s Fat Cat
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Emmy-winning cartoonist Mark Kistler teaches a week-long art camp for kids on cartooning and three-dimensional drawing. A proponent of art in schools, Kistler believes that drawing pictures and creating the stories to go with them stimulates the imagination and can help connect the right and left brain. This can lead to better critical thinking and more creativity.

Kistler had two shows on public TV,
The Secret City and Mark Kistler’s The Imagination Station , and he has written nine books. His workshops dive into a new theme daily, such as dinosaurs and underwater adventures. Classes are catered to specific age groups, so your lil’ tiger will be with his or her contemporaries.

Classes take place July 18 through 22, at the Christ Lutheran Church and School (7701 Candelaria Road NE)

The summer art camp offers five sessions per day, lasting 60 minutes each. The 5th program, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., is for the entire family and friends. One session daily for one week is $89 per child. $69 for each additional sibling.

Visit draw3D.com for more details.

Dream It, Draw It, Do It!

Kids drawing their hearts out

Dream It, Draw It, Do It!

Mark Kistler in action

Dream It, Draw It, Do It!

Space Hamsters by Mark Kistler

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