Earle Before Swine

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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Dug that Steve Earle show at the Lobo last night. The opening performance by Earle's new wife, Allison Moorer, bored me a bit, but, hey, I'm sure she's a nice person, so I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. Earle, on the other hand, taught the packed crowd a valuable lesson about how to put on a rockin' show with just a guitar, a harmonica and gut-wrenching voice. Not an easy task. It was kind of annoying that the crowd sat down through the whole thing, as if they were attending some sedate suburban piano recital, but that's really my only complaint. The guy knows how to tell a story. He played the shit out of his guitars, too, breaking at least half a dozen strings over the course of the evening. Kudos to AMP Concerts and Fan Man Productions for bringing this hotshot to the Lobo.
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