Eat A Clone

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Yup. As Amy pointed out, the FDA says meat and milk from cloned animals is safe. That’s moo times infinity. You can eat the flanks off the same Bessy over and over and over. The practice of cloning animals for food is not quite approved yet, but it should be soon.

Do you remember the scene in Douglas Adams’
Restaurant at the End of the Universe where a pig that has been bred to be eaten walks up to the table and offers itself to Arthur Dent?

“Something off the shoulder perhaps?” suggested the animal, “Braised in a white wine sauce?”

“Er, your shoulder?” said Arthur in a horrified whisper.

“But naturally my shoulder, sir,” mooed the animal contentedly, “nobody else’s is mine to offer.”

“Or the rump is very good,” murmured the animal. “I’ve been exercising it and eating plenty of grain, so there’s a lot of good meat there.”

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