Eavesdropper: Furniture Metaphors

Marisa Demarco
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Eavesdropper: Furniture Metaphors
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Last night, a late ’50s businessman was talking to a very similar man over dinner while their wives held their own private conversation. Words like “proactive” were used. The passionate business sentiment that nearly forced miso through my sinuses went something like:

“The stool has three legs: Hard work, ambition and positive attitude. Without one of those legs, the stool only has two legs. And it just falls over. It just FALLS OVER. I rest my case!”

The Stool of Success, friends.

Cousin to the Triumphant Ottoman and its four stumpy, righteous legs: justice, fairness, rules and right.

Neighbor to the Office Chair of Achievement and its four determined wheels: goal-creation, talent, proficiency and performance.

In the same motivational family as the Fainting Couch of Favorable Outcomes and its three velvet cushions: luck, lethargy and low-ball estimations.

Best friend to the Nightstand of Just Getting By and its drawers of depression, grit and faint hope.

I smell a Disney film coming on. Wait, didn’t they already do talking furniture?

Make your own motivational furniture analogies!

I rest my case.
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