Exit Polls

Er ... I Mean Interviews

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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To the man on the bike that I approached outside of the UNM Continuing Education Building: See, I do work for a news organization, not an exit polling group. Interview. Not exit poll. Yes.

On that note, it’s quite difficult to get people to talk to you as they are coming out of their polling location. Hats off to the real exit pollers.

Of the few people I talked to, all were voting for Patricia Madrid, whom voter Levon Loncassion called the lesser of two evils. Well, Wilson, what ya gonna do?

They all liked the paper ballots, as well. Travis Ewing said he doesn’t trust anything but paper and would like to see the paper ballots used in 2008.

As to how to increase voter turn out, everyone agreed that some amount of time-off from work or school should be mandatory. I suggested a national holiday—Ewing said he’d vote for it.

That’s about all there is to report, except for the election technician going out to his car for a new box of pens. Now that’s what I call a real, grassroots election. The pen is mightier.
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