Extreme Caution At San Mateo And I-40

Put Down The Camera And Drive. The Sign Isn’t Even Funny.

Nick Brown
2 min read
Extreme Caution At San Mateo And I-40
Hey Nick, caption guy made this a pop-up for ya.
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Here’s another one of my photos where you can’t even see what you’re supposed to be looking at. Allow me to explain. This is the snarled up little stretch of San Mateo where they’ve created a maze of cones and barrels in order to slap in a completely unnecessary traffic light where there wasn’t one before. It’s pretty much brought that area to its knees and I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to use those lanes again. It’s starting to seem somewhat permanent. Anyway, what you’re supposed to be able to see in the picture, what you perhaps can see if you squint your eyes and wiggle your nose, is a traffic sign urging motorists to “use extreme caution.” Granted, the area is a complete mess, and granted that my use of a camera when I should be watching the road instead of a flashing “extreme caution” sign hardly conforms to the recommended level of caution for that block, but in an age of Extreme Sports, Extreme Energy Drinks and Extreme Nachos, doesn’t a flashing “extreme caution” sign on this tiny little stretch of road in Albuquerque, Hey Y’all, New Mexico seem a little… Extreme?
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