Fake Face

Marisa Demarco
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Fake Face
The Other Mother
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I saw Coraline last night. Really good.

The button eyes of the Other Mother caused a fleeting second of revulsion.

I feel the same looking at fake contacts. When you see someone wearing them, doesn’t it seem like the blinds have been pulled closed?

(A fiction teacher once told me that though few people have green eyes in real life, tons of characters in books do. It’s the eye-color cliché. I wonder if they sell a lot of green contacts.)

Orlan produces art through the plastic surgery-ing of herself. The same thing happens when I look at her. It’s a quick inner-cringing. Then I get over it and keep looking because Orlan is fascinating.

The strongest creepout happens with that puffy, injected lip so popular in Hollywood. It looks like someone smacked the actresses in the mouth and then they covered it up with lipstick. I think the physical reaction there is one of sympathy and protectiveness.

Diamond-studded teeth are not so bad. Especially when you can just
clip them over your real teeth.
Fake Face


Fake Face

The Master from “Buffy” may have Kool-Aid mouth from too many lip injections.

Fake Face

I’m king of the world, and I wear my crown in my mouth.

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