Fall Recipes

For Acting Like A Child

Nick Brown
2 min read
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Fall is in the air, so I thought it might be the perfect time to share some of my favorite fall recipes for acting like a child.

Autumn Toast.

Place two slices of bread face down in the toaster oven, turn the knob to 4 and activate. While your bread is toasting get the butter flavored spread out of the refrigerator, get out a butter knife and lay down a paper towel on the table. The paper towel will serve as a “plate.” When the dinger dings, butter up your toast and take it in the den to watch Stargate SG1.

Drink From a Jug in your Underwear and Groan

Drink everything from a jug. Refuse to drink out of a glass. Lie on the couch in your underwear and groan like you’re in pain.

Jumping Out and Screaming in the Shower

Hide and jump out at people every chance you get. When you’re in the shower, scream like you’re being attacked. See if you can change the screaming into a made-up opera song then switch it back to screaming.

Miniature Candy Bars

Cut a small slit in the bag of Halloween candy. Pull individual candies out, then unwrap and eat them. Deny that you’ve been doing it if accused.

Flashlight Lazer

Shine a flashlight in people’s eyes while going “bzeerp!”
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