Fast Eddie

Steven Robert Allen
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This isn’t Eddie, nor is this his dumptruck. I just attached this photo to add some visual flair. Actually, Eddie has two dumptrucks—one medium and one large. For most jobs, the medium should do just fine.
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So I slipped on the ice last week and broke my wrist. (Fiberglass casts at Lovelace come in eight fabulous colors, by the way—I chose blue, but black, pink, light green, dark green, red, orange and light blue are also available.)

This put me in a bind. Last Saturday I was supposed to move into a new house. Luckily, I hired some movers to help me. Unluckily, the movers showed up without any boxes, even though they’d said they would bring some. My wife and I had to scramble to get the last of our detritus into sacks, shoe boxes, whatever. After the movers had done their bit, there was still a whole lot left over.

On Sunday, we got up early and prepared to clean out the rest of the house. I was hoping it would amount to two or three loads in my Corolla. When I got there, I realized it would be more like 19 or 20.

So I called Eddie’s Dumptruck Service. I learned about Eddie a couple months ago when an eager, bald-headed guy knocked on the door and offered to haul off the huge mound of pyracantha prunings and construction materials stacked on the side of my house. Cost: $50.

Yesterday, I called him to help me out again.

“Oh, man,” he said. “Hell, yeah, I’ll give you a hand. I need some work …

Eddie was over at the house in an hour. In five hours, he’d packed up all our remaining stuff, delivered it over to the new house and hauled off a full load of assorted trash in our basement, etc., to the dump. Cost: $100.

Money well spent, believe me.

The moral of this story? If you need to haul things around, and don’t know anyone with a giant dumptruck, call Eddie. His number is 243-4657.
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