Fat Pigs!

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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Put down that Big Mac and take heed! Even Santa Claus is skinnier in other countries. My wife Sheila is Dutch. We're celebrating Sinter Klaas Dag (St. Nicholas Day), the Dutch version of December gift-giving, with the Dutch community here in Albuquerque this Sunday, Dec. 4.

The Dutch Santa is quite a bit different from ours. For one thing, he lives in Spain. For another, he arrives in the Netherlands every year by steamboat with a bunch of dark-skinned servants, all named Zwarte Piet. (Yeah, I know, that part's creepy.) But check out how skinny this guy is. Lay off the ginger bread and candy canes, American Santa. That jolly bowl full of jelly you call a stomach is getting way out of control.

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