Fcc Taps Local Media Justice Group For Committee

Marisa Demarco
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FCC taps local media justice group for committee
New Mexico’s Media Literacy Project to speak up for consumers ( billaday )
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FCC boss Julius Genachowski has invited New Mexico’s Media Literacy Project to join a committee that weighs in on consumer issues.

The Federal Communications Commission regulates radio, TV, Internet and telephone service, among other things. The FCC is powerful, and its mission is to make communication channels available to everyone in the United States without discrimination, according to the
Telecommunications Act of 1996. Such services should be provided for reasonable fees, too, the act states.

Over the course of reporting on issues such as
net neutrality, campaign advertising and low-power FM radio stations, the Alibi’s interviewed staffers at the Media Literacy Project over the years.

Andrea Quijada, executive director for the group, says in a news release that she is encouraged that New Mexico was “invited to participate in this important national dialogue, and we are extremely honored that we were identified as the best advocate for the diverse consumer needs in our community.” With the Media Literacy Project’s participation, the FCC will get more perspective on Hispanic, Native American and rural communities, she adds.

The committee will evaluate topics such as consumer protection, education, access and the impact of emerging tech. The Media Literacy Project will serve for two years, and its first meeting is Wednesday, Aug. 17, in Washington, D.C.
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