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More True Confessions Of A Minor League Celebrity

Laura Marrich
1 min read
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Wanna know what my voice sounds like? Tune in to the new 106.3 Talk Radio (www.kagm.com) on Fridays from 9 to 9:30 a.m. and find out. I’m attempting to squeeze yet another hat over my increasingly large head, as I step into the on-air personality booth with Larry Ahrens and fellow foodie dude Peter St. Cyr. I think they’re calling it “Food For Talk.” Ha ha!

Feel free to e-mail me about stuff you’d like to hear us ruminate on, or about any questions you’ve got (specifically, about what the other minor league celebrities I get to interact with are like, such as Diane Anderson www.kagm.com/airstaff.html. And no, I haven’t met her yet — but you can bet I’m going to muscle my way up to her eventually.).

Stay tuned!

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