Filthy Tricklock Lover!

Will Mr. Six Figures Run My Sorry Butt Out Of Town?

Steven Robert Allen
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Check out this cool love letter I got from someone who digs my Hamlet review in this week’s issue. (Here’s the review:

Steve –

Great review of Tricklock’s production of ‘Hamlet’ @ the Vortex…oh wait, it wasn’t a Tricklock production, just sounded like one in your review. Why don’t you go ahead and f**k yourself a**hole. The performances were mostly good? F**K YOU D**KHOLE! You need to start recognizing other actors for their talent. All you ever talk about is Tricklock! They’re good, but there are other theatres and actors in town that need to be recognized for their work. Pry your lips off of Tricklock’s ass for a bit and you might see that. You are offending and shunning actors that are going to be very big very soon. Not a good idea, f**khead. Now, one of the first things I’m going to do after I finish my upcoming film project(Which, BTW pays six figures) is make sure you never work in this town again. Maybe you can catch on with Tricklock and lick their a**holes clean for them after they take a s**t. Think about it.


Someone affliliated with Hamlet

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