Finally, A Taco That Makes You Cough

Marisa Demarco
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Finally, a taco that makes you cough
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The Taco Bell / Doritos hybrid—a match made in heaven? The only real question here is: What took them so long?

Last night after consuming two powerful beers, I had a sober friend roll me up to the drive through at the neighborhood TB. The wait was long, and in apology, a worker gave me a coupon. I wonder if it will be good in three years, because that’s about the rate at which I consume Taco Bell.

For the uninitiated, the orange taco shell on this thing is coated with Doritos cheese powder. Unfortunately, with every bite, a fine powder disperses into the air in your mouth. Somehow, as you begin to inhale it a little between bites, this causes some unsightly coughing. Perhaps my shell was not assembled correctly or had too much cheese powder. Upon completion, my lips hurt a bit from the salt. They were puckered and sore.

It should be noted that despite the physical pain, I did eat the taco in its entirety.

Let me break this down according to the Marisa Measure of Food:

Cheap or expensive? Cheap. Very cheap. Under $2.

Soggy or not soggy? A little soggy toward the end in the meeting point between meat-like product and shell

Hot or not hot? Not hot. (Taco Bell is potentially the only fast food chain in Albuquerque that does not serve green chile.)
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