First Line Rundown Pt. 2

More Openers To Recently Published Novels

Sam Adams
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First line rundown pt. 2
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“Tribal Police Investigator Ella Clah stood next to her department’s cruiser, a dusty, white SUV that had more miles on it than a Two Grey Hills sheepdog.”

Black Thunder , Aimée & David Thurlo

“Dr. Alexander Hoffman sat by the fire in his study in Geneva, a half-smoked cigar lying cold in the ashtray beside him, and angle-poise lamp pulled low over his shoulder, turning the pages of a first edition of T
he Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals by Charles Darwin.”

The Fear Index , Robert Harris

“Reuben was a tall man, well over six feet, with curly brown hair and deep-set blue eyes.”

The Wolf Gift , Anne Rice

“In the time when the animals were men, Coyote was living in a certain place.”

-Gods Without Men , Hari Kunzru

“A tree is brought down slowly, unlimbed, unbarked, laid bare but not barren.”

Bring Me One of Everything , Leslie Hall Pinder

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