First Line Rundown Pt. 3

More Novel Openers To Weigh Against “Call Me Ishmael”

Sam Adams
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First line rundown pt. 3
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“Elaine’s, late.”

Unnatural Acts , Stuart Woods

“If you had been across the street, pretending to investigate the local summer roses outside Holliday’s Flower Shop, you could have seen them through the café’s plate glass, the two sitting in the booth by a window, eating lunch.”

What You See in the Dark , Manuel Muñoz

“The left engine backfired again and began to stumble as Jabe Rainwater rolled the old Beechcraft left and right in an effort to drain the last of the fuel from his nearly bone-dry wing tanks.”

Bad Medicine , R. Barry King

“Just as the keynote address was winding down, the rain came hissing up the little valley in sheets.”

West of Here , Jonathan Evison

“‘Read this,’ my father said as he tossed a leather-bound journal at my chest, trying to catch me by surprise.”

Until the Next Time , Kevin Fox

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