First Line Rundown Pt. 6

More Openers To New Novels

Sam Adams
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First line rundown pt. 6
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“Here is the first thing you need to know about me: I’m a barefoot girl from red-dirt Oklahoma, and all the marble floors in the world will never change that.”

In the Kingdom of Men , Kim Barnes

“At first glance, she mistook him for something else.”

Inside , Alix Ohlin

“Her steps were leaden as though La Llorona rose from the dead, which indeed she had.”

The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation , Belinda Vasquez Garcia

“I keep the Beast running, I keep the 100 low lead on tap, I foresee attacks.”

The Dog Stars , Peter Heller

“The lights go out.”

The Undertow , Jo Baker

“Lord God is talking again.”

The Bird Saviors , William J. Cobb
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