Five For The 47Th #2

New Mexico Facts And Trivia

Mildred McGillicutty
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Five for the 47th #2
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There is a boulder near Los Lunas with Phoenician inscription said to be the Ten Commandments, aka The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone. Carved by Lost Tribes of Israel? Mormons? Nick Brown?

Mesilla was actually an island at one point and a barge had to be taken to get to Las Cruces.

Governor Lew Wallace is known (at least by Jerry Cornelius) for his quote "All calculations based on experience elsewhere fail in New Mexico."

Juan de Onate named Socorro, which means assistance, in honor of the food and water the
Piro Indians provided his followers in 1598.

Marlboro Man ads were devised and mostly shot in New Mexico.
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