Five For The 47Th, Nature Edition

Nm Facts And Trivia

Mildred McGillicutty
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Five for the 47th, Nature Edition
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It’s the 69th year for the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. This weekend is the annual Festival of the Cranes!

Lakes and Rivers make up only .002% of New Mexico’s total surface area, the lowest water-to-land ratio of all 50 states. But there is still plenty of

Forests make up 1/4 of the state’s area.

Gila National Forest is the nation’s largest forest at 3 million acres. The Gila Mountains were the first area in the world to be designated as wilderness area.

In 1950 a small bear was found trapped in a tree after a fire in Lincoln National Forest. He was named
Smokey the Bear and in his honor the New Mexican legislature chose the black bear to be the official state animal.
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