Five Liquor Sellers In Hot Water

Marisa Demarco
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Five Liquor Sellers in Hot Water
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A news release in my inbox today took me back to 2006. It was my first year at the Alibi, and I was working on a series of stories about stiffer rules for bars in New Mexico. Bar owners feared subjective enforcement of the proposed three strikes rule. It went into effect in October 2006. Under it, those found guilty of three or more violations of the Liquor Control Act in a single year can lose their liquor license.

As today’s release from the state’s Alcohol and Gaming Division points out, the average value of a liquor license is $300,000 to $400,000.

The division is going after five establishments around the state. They’ve received the following citations:

Rudy’s Red Barn in Albuquerque—Sales to minors (4)

Class Act in Gallup—Sales to intoxicated persons (5)

Silver Stallion in Gallup —Sales to intoxicated persons (5), open after hours, open container

Anasazi in Farmington—Sales to intoxicated persons (5)

America’s Best Value in Farmington—Sales to intoxicated persons (4), sales to a minor (2)

From the release:

In the last few years, AGD has successfully prosecuted several establishments under the Three Strikes Initiative, resulting in fines, days of closure and even license revocations for bars violating the Liquor Control Act.

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