Five New Tv Shows Coming This Fall

Nick Brown
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Five New TV Shows Coming This Fall
Illustration by Jessica Cassyle CarrUsed Without Permission
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1) Monkey in Your House. This is a reality show where the producers loose a wild monkey in the unsuspecting victim’s house while he’s away at work. When he comes home, he remarks to the hidden camera, “Oh, my God, am I on Monkey in Your House?”

2) Skroggins. Skroggins details the adventures of a small town cop who solves mysteries while balancing his personal life, internal demons and a host of wacky local characters.

3) Bloggins. An ensemble cast reveals the private lives of bloggers as they search for topics to blog about.

4) Groggins. This edgy sitcom revolves around the life of a small town plumber and his quirky friends.

5) Loggins. This loosely biographical series dramatizes events from the life of legendary rock star Kenny Loggins.
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