Flu Season

Amy Dalness
2 min read
How do you say “duck” in French?
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On my last doctor visit, the nurse asked me if I’d like a flu shot. “Sure,” I said, and proceeded to ask her a ton of questions about the likelihood I would contract flu from the vaccine, if it would hurt and how much it would cost. “The doctor will answer your questions,” she said as she slipped out the door. I don’t blame her for ducking my questions, I get pretty giddy and stressed out at the doctor’s office.

The doc came, pronounced my shoulder not completely worthless and left. No talk about the flu shot. Maybe I should have brought it up, but I’m not really the type to
ask for a shot of any kind. I’ll get a shot it if a medical professional tells me to, or even highly recommends it. No soliciting of flu shots for me. (I hope I don’t regret it later.)

If I do get the flu, however, I found a homeopathic remedy that is all the rage in France: oscillococcinum. Does it work? Who knows. But everyone should really read about how it was discovered. Medical science just never ceases to amaze (and somewhat disturb) me.
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