Found On Santa Fe Craigslist: Free Monkey

Laura Marrich
1 min read
Found on Santa Fe Craigslist: Free monkey
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Alert! The vendor purporting to offer a monkey to a good home in the “free stuff” section is a SCAM ARTIST. Do not get caught up in his web of deception like this poor Craigslister did. File this one under Monkey Business. (The wrong kind, where you don’t actually get a monkey out of the deal.)

This freak says he’s giving away a free monkey. I was interested and he asked me for a picture of myself saying its procedure which seemed false and he was just being a weirdo and I asked if he really had a monkey he said no. I asked then y did u have me send u a pic he said he did no such thing. So this is a scam!!! So Be aware!!! this psycho has my number now but I’m not worried!! Just know its not real!!!

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