Found On Santa Fe Craigslist: Slightly Used Magical Spell Supplies

Laura Marrich
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Found on Santa Fe Craigslist: slightly used magical spell supplies
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This week in Santa Fe Craigslist shopping, the “barter” section yields pay dirt. … Or rather, magical luck dirt.

I have a small box of spell supplies, still quite useful to one who would use them. These items have been opened and partially used. They are commonly used by practitioners of urban folk magic in casting spells for various purposes.

I’m willing to swap these with someone who’d be interested. Trade items might include other old/used spell supplies, used books (I especially like spellbooks and history books), unwanted gift certificates or whatever else you think might be worthwhile.

Items include:

Indio Money Drawing Wash

Lucky Mojo Love Me Sachet Powder

Anna Riva St. Jude Incense

Anna Riva Banishing Incense

Custom Follow Me Boy Sachet Powder

Hem Vetivert Incense

Morning Star Pine Incense

Augustine’s Spiritual Goods Fast Luck Incense

F. Sanchez Millionaire Oil

Indio I Can You Can’t Oil

Artico Tropical Rain Oil

Some packages are almost untouched while others might be as much as 2/3rds used, but these all have enough product for one or more uses in them. Some items, admittedly, are things I didn’t like (such as the Morningstar incense) others were bought for goals I’m no longer pursuing.

My intent was to trade for the whole lot, but if you are interested in swapping for just one of the items I’m willing to consider it. If that happens, I will update the listing to reflect what products are still available.

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