Four Hours Left To Vote

Marisa Demarco
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Four Hours Left to Vote
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If you don’t know where your voting location is, use this handy Google map to figure it out. You just type in the address you’re registered with, and it will show you where to go. I tried it out, and it worked for me.

Election protection advocates held a conference call to talk about what they’re on the lookout for today. Steve Allen, former
Alibi editor and director of Common Cause, was one of the advocates.

Carter Bundy of Election Protection and the New Mexico Federation of Labor spoke about potential concerns in Bernalillo County.

“Really, there are no systemic problems,” he says. “What tends to be happening is that you have several thousand, essentially, day laborers, and no matter how good the training is, people are going to get confused about how far people are allowed to be from a certain polling locations and issues like that.”

Other than a couple of tabulator machine malfunctions, he says, there aren’t any problems that would stop people from voting. “I think the election is going fairly well so far,” he adds.

Early this morning at the Grant Middle School polling location, there was a voter ID complaint. According to Bundy, poll workers were requiring physical identification from every voter at that polling place.

If you already voted in a previous election cycle, you only have to give your name, address and year of birth to vote. There is a physical ID requirement for first-time voters who registered by mail.

“The clerk’s office is doing a good job of responding to the issues that come up,” Bundy says.

There will be another update from the elections protectors around 4 p.m.
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