Free Ben And Jerry's!

Free Ben And Jerry's!

Laura Marrich
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Free Ben and Jerry's!
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I was tempted to title this one "Free BJs," but I’m pretty sure "Free Ben and Jerry’s" illicits a more enthusiastic reaction.

Today’s "Free Cone Day" at B&Js across the land. In Albuquerque, stop in between noon and 8 p.m. to pick out a free flavor (there’s a new one called "Cake Batter," if you’re into chunks-of-dough-style ice creams) from one of these locations:

• Ben & Jerry’s Academy

8050 Academy Blvd., NE



• Ben & Jerry’s Montgomery

11225 Montgomery NE

Suite A


• Ben & Jerry’s Paradise Hills

9370 Coors Boulevard, NW


In the meantime,
click here to see B&J’s 30 th Anniversary funpage, where you can flip though a scrapbook and play "Euphoria-Anagrams." Or suggest a new flavor here (rally to resurrect a defunct one here). Thanks for the "scoop," Ilene.
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