Frilly Art Dork

It’s Ok To Be A Nerd

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
MC Frontalot in the hizzy.
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Among words I overuse: froofy. Hence “frilly” above. I’m not sure I like it as much, but it works for me today.

I feel amorous toward (Not “in love with”) this week’s artful cover. It’s kind of menacing. This reminded me to click on that covers link we have up at the top of the
Alibi homepage. It’s in red, right under the search field. I think we’ve had some good-looking covers this year. My top three are:

1. Spring Crawl

2. Burlesque

3. Valentine’s Card Contest

Maybe that’s a nerdy thing to do, analyze and rank the covers of our paper. Just one of many, I guess. I use “nerd” with intention. It’s meaning seems different to me than “dork” “dweeb” or “doofus.” Think band-nerd, art-nerd, chess-nerd, gamer-nerd, water polo-nerd. The word seems to have come to mean “someone who’s really really into something.”

Despite how
some editorial staffers (who were nerd-stomping yesterday) may feel about it, I think being a nerd, even a hard-core one, is not a terrible fate. Just ask nerdcore hip-hoper MC Frontalot. He penned the Penny Arcade theme song and he’s coming to the Launchpad Monday, April 30.

Here’s a nerd purity test, if you’re curious. It’s based on the more classical definition, though.

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