Frog Puzzle

Nick Brown
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Frog Puzzle
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Here’s my latest puzzle: “Frogs Gone Wild” – a painterly hodge-podge of plants, bugs, lizards and a frog by artist Lori Schory. Yes, I know I’m misusing the word “painterly” but I don’t particularly care. Lori Schory also should not be confused with Lori Schmory, a term used to show general disdain for someone named Lori.

Lori Schory and I dated for a while until we decided, mutually, that it was her, not me, that she was no good for me but would alway cherish our time together and knew that I would find someone very special in time.

Actually, I made all that up. I’ve never met her. I just did one of her puzzles.

It looks like I have a piece missing here – and I did – but I luckily found it in some folded up laundry. The puzzle table is also the laundry table at my house. So… frog puzzle at yard sale = all the pieces in the box.
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