From Now On, Everyone Wears Red Shoes

The Blue Sky In Games Campaign

Jerry Cornelius
2 min read
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So the Xbox 360 is here and blah blah blah it's gonna change the way games are played forever. Except that it isn't. Every chump who stood in line two weeks ago peeing into a jar so he could get his hands on the latest hunk of white-hot hardware got to go home and play, uh, let's see … some games where you race real fast in a car! Or pretend war is cool! Or shoot some fuckin' hoops, dude! Wow! Of course all this same-old-crap happens in an ultra-high-resolution, superslick graphical orgasmatron world that only the Xbox 360 can deliver, but that doesn't make the games any more creative. With all this CPU horsepower, 98% of video games still obsessively pursue the perfect simulation of meathead consumer culture. In a world where a video game about slappin' bitches and doing crimes is somehow considered earth-shattering, someboy oughta speak up–and somebody has: The Blue Sky In Games Campaign declares: “Games need BLUE SKIES! Games need BRIGHT YELLOW SUNS! Games need RED AND BLUE THINGS in them! We want to play in a HAPPY PRETEND LAND, not a shit version of an American slum full of mixed-race gangsters wearing licensed sportswear!” Right on, brother. Join the Blue Sky in Games initiative today!
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