From Tuna To Jfk

Amanda N. Dales
2 min read
Now get to “coup d'état” as fast as you can!
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Ever heard of the Wikipedia game? For those of you with a reasonable work ethic, probably not. The Wikipedia game may possibly be one of the biggest time wasters, but maybe if you are absurdly bored it’s what you are looking for. It puts a whole new meaning to the term "six degrees of separation."

Find a partner in crime who is also absurdly bored and also has access to a computer. Then pick two random topics (like tuna and J.F.K, for example) and try to get from one topic to the other by clicking on links within articles. The one who finishes the fastest wins. Or if desperate enough, one could play it alone, trying to set personal records for the most amazing linking ability. The more random the two words, the better. "Sources" say that the best part of this game is that it can be played in class or work while looking diligent and busy (not that
I would know).

Although, if someone did happen to come by and ask you what you are doing, you could very honestly and promptly respond, "Research." Be ready to be stunned into silence when you realize how easy it is to connect "sponge" to "coup d’état."
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