Gamers Cry About Wii Elbow


Marisa Demarco
1 min read
Zelda’s gonna stab you for complaining.
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Nintendo’s new console, which is getting pretty nice reviews , is causing gamers to complain of sore muscles and Wii elbow .

The system uses a special controller, which is sensitive to your motions. (If you swing it, the game’s character swings a tennis racket, etc.) Apparently, this is too much for an immobile nation, some of which are exiting hours of game-play with aching body parts, reminiscent of the after-effects of “exercise.”

Speaking of Carpal Tunnel, last Christmas (maybe the one before?) I began seeing at toy stores My First Laptop and things like it. This, I imagine, comes with My First Carpal Tunnel, (free!) followed shortly by My First Trip to The Chiropractor and My First Usage of “LOL.”

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