Germie Germ-Germ

Amy Dalness
1 min read
Our friendly, neighborhood protozoa
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There was a scientific debate making the e-mail rounds here at the Alibi . The question was simple: Does washing one’s hands with hot water kill more germs?

Our certified food manager, Food Editor Laura Marrich, said: Yes, yes, definitely yes.

Our controller, Molly Lindsay, a certified healthcare worker, said: No, water temperature doesn’t matter–just soap and friction.

Well, Molly conceded when she learned that Laura’s training is more current than hers by about a decade.

The scientific conclusion: wash your freakin’ hands. Germs are bad and can make you sick, so avoid them when possible. (And it might not hurt to double-check with your doctor about the status of hand hygiene at your next visit.)

This all reminds me of my favorite episode of Invader Zim about germaphobia and battling the tiny armies bent on our destruction daily. (And now I’m going to go wash my hands …)
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