Get A Free Grand Slam Breakfast From Denny’s Today

Nick Brown
1 min read
Get a Free Grand Slam Breakfast from DennyÕs Today
Soylent Green is made from pancakes
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In case you forgot, today is Free Grand Slam Day at Denny’s, but you only have two more hours to cash in. I imagine you might have to stand in line, too, and either eat it on the floor or at a table crowded with strangers eating their own free Grand Slams. I also imagine it’s possible that your free Grand Slam request could be met with a response of, “We ain’t got no more free Grand Slams.” A Grand Slam is two pancakes, two eggs, two strips of bacon and two things of sausage. At precisely 2:01 p.m. Grand Slams will resume costing whatever they usually cost, and Denny’s will be weirdly empty.
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