Get Outta Here With Your New “Queen” Album

Marisa Demarco
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Get Outta Here with Your New ÒQueenÓ Album
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There has been nary a year when the majestic Freddie Mercury wasn’t part of my life. My folks loved Queen. My best friend in middle school was a raving Queen fan and convinced she was somehow Mercury’s daughter. We used to lay around her bedroom listening to Queen on cassette, lyric sheets in hand.

It all came to a head when I found myself dressed like Freddie Mercury on the
Alibi’s gay pride float performing choreography alongside other Freddies to a selection of the biggest and best of Queen’s repertoire.

On Oct. 28, an album will take a leak on the band’s legacy. It’s called
The Cosmos Rocks. It’s by what’s left of Queen with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company in Mercury’s place behind the staff.

Frankly, the cosmos does not rock. Nor can it with that kind of lineup. I retch.
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