Getting Cheesy

The Sandwich That Melted My Heart

Simon McCormack
1 min read
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Ever since the Flying Star began a gradual phase-out of its Gouda-and-artichoke sandwich (which they still occasionally bring back as a special), I’ve been on the lookout for a top-tier grilled cheese.

I’ve tried several around town but they’re just no Gouda. (Sorry. Had to work it in there somewhere.) But finally, my lunch today at the Grove Café (on Central near Walter) has provided me with a worthy replacement.

The grove uses a blend of three cheeses that’s piled high on sourdough bread. Where the sandwich really makes a name for itself, though, is its optional toppings, which include caramelized onions and green chile. The grilled cheese will run you about $6.50 without said additions, so you can afford to accessorize your sandwich for the extra dollar.

Everything that composes the sandwich has been grilled to perfection, and the buttery sourdough makes for a filling meal when coupled with the side o’ fruit all sandwiches include.

I think I’ve found my favorite, but I’d be interested to hear members’ suggestions for other locales with great grilled cheese. Have you found one?

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