Girl Scouts Gone Wild

And By ‘Wild,’ I Mean ‘Use The Internet’

Erin McCullough
1 min read
Girl Scouts Gone Wild
The badge on the top right is for performing old-timey witch curses, or acting in Macbeth. Or human sacrifice stew-making. My memory on this is unclear.
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In an effort to respond to sagging participation numbers, the Girl Scouts are modernizing. Out with badges, in with teleconferences and things having to do with texting. Probably Twittering, too.

I am of two minds on this. One, I’m still angry at the Girl Scouts for the “Bridge to Juniors” episode of 1984 and hate them so who cares. On the other hand, those badges were pretty awesome, and when I taught high school I told my seniors about the “Bridge to Juniors” episode; the next day they brought me the two badges I had been denied for technical (bullshit) reasons.

So. Does everything need to be modernized? And why won’t those kids get off of my lawn?
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