Glass Houses

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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We cover the full story of Laura Berg's controversial letter to the Alibi in this week's issue [Newscity, “Big Brother is Watching,” Feb. 9-15], which will be on stands later today. You might have heard about it already. The Journal did a cover story last week, and it's been the subject of local talk radio programs as well. The latest news is that Sen. Jeff Bingaman has just sent a letter to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs in Washington, D.C., demanding some explanation for why Berg, a VA nurse, was investigated for sedition late last year for writing the letter. “In a democracy,” Bingaman writes, “expressing disagreement with the government's actions does not amount to sedition or insurrection—it is, and must remain, protected speech.” New Mexico's Democratic senator is demanding a full investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, Bush has been very vocal over the last couple days about the importance of free speech and freedom of the press. He's made such statements, of course, in the context of the outrage that's spread throughout much of the Muslim world over a series of unflattering cartoons about the prophet Muhammad.

Now might be a good time to look in the mirror, George. What's that expression about rocks and glass houses?

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