Go Ahead, Stroke Your Monkey

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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I’m a closet gamer. This weekend, I delved into nostalgia and played a few of my all-time favorites: Starcraft, Fallout 2 and Diablo. Then, my geek radar drew my attention to Black and White 2, the sequel to the well received (and innovative) Black and White. I own the first, played it a bit but tired easily because, well, it was just too complicated for my poor little point-and-click brain. But B&W 2 did it up right and has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s like SimCity, Age of Empires, Warcraft and the original B&W in one pretty package. Build an army, create a culturally iconic city and pet your monkey to make him good (or bad). Whatever your little heart desires. It’s has some high system requirements, but if you are a true gamer, it won’t be a problem.

It has lots of blue sky, but no red shoes. Sorry.

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