God Help The United States Of America

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
How much more evidence do we need of our president’s mental derangement? Do we want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud ... over Baghdad?
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I hope you’ve popped a fresh set of batteries in your psychosis detector. This evening our president will attempt to justify his absurd plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq, a move that will at best temporarily maintain the status quo. At worst, it will be the final excuse the zealots need to push the failed nation toward full-scale genocide.

It’s time to question the president’s mental capacity to effectively lead our nation. He’s not evil. He’s not stupid. But there are lots of reasons to believe that he might very well be deranged. He’s a man who places his own bruised ego before the security of our nation and the world. It would be a very radical step, but Congress needs to consider pulling the plug on funding, as is being proposed by Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The time for symbolic protest is over. Bush is out of control, and he can do a lot more damage between now and when we’ve finally extracted him from the White House–two long years from now.
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