Going-Out-Of-Business “Sales” Might Try To Rip You Off

Marisa Demarco
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Going-Out-of-Business ÒSalesÓ Might Try to Rip You Off
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That’s what state Attorney General Gary King said today in his news release. Mervyn’s and Linens ‘n Things (what “things”?) are holding GOB sales right now.

Though he’s not accusing those chains of anything, King is telling consumers to beware some classic retail tricks: 1) Sellers mark up prices before marking them down and advertising them as discounted. 2) Sellers buy something cheap in bulk and mark it up like crazy during their GOB sales.

And you might not even notice. Walking around the frantic sale madness staring at slashed sticker prices–would you realize you were paying more for something than if you bought it at another store without a “sale”?

Those two tactics mentioned above are illegal under the New Mexico Distress Sales Act.

“Don’t assume that a half-price sale is a great deal,” says the AG. Especially since GOB purchases are probably final, and there won’t be any place for you to return defective items.
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