Goodbye Giranimals; Bud Melvin’s 8-Bit Banjo

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
The Giranimals are furious. Probably not really. But they look pissed here.
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I caught the last Giranimals show last night at the Tavern. A really strong set it was, too. Some of that material hasn’t been recorded. I wonder if it ever will be. Truly, Albuquerque needs another Indie-pop troupe as sweet as this one. The Giranimals’ breakup leaves a hole in the scene. Since the split is amiable, a reunion show might exist in the future.

Surely Maury and Connie Crandall will continue to write songs. There’s talk of Fox Fletcher and Jamie Rushad putting something together, too. Buy their disc,
Imperfectly Timed Words , while there’s still some stock.

I’ve been a member of the cobra//group for a while now along with Bud Melvin, but I’ve never seen the fabled 8-bit work. Lucky for me, I bore witness to it last night (different show; Giranimals at The Tavern, Melvin at Winnings). Melvin writes songs on an old-school Game Boy, then blasts it through an amp while playing crazy-fingered banjo and singing. I know this media-frenzied world is always trying to point out something new and direct you to this musician or that one, but I promise if you click on either of those links, you won’t be disappointed.

8-bit photo

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