Goodness Gracious, Somebody Smashed Out My Window

Nick Brown
2 min read
Goodness Gracious, Somebody Smashed Out  My Window
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I don’t know why the kids would want to pick on me. I’m pretty low key and I don’t cause them any trouble. I also have the crummiest car on the block, so maybe they thought it wouldn’t even matter if they smashed my window. Well, anyway, it was a drag.

Luckily, it had a happy ending thanks to Ed O’Donnell and Trey down at Discount Auto on South Broadway. They found a perfect replacement window and even stuck it in for me. The process was fascinating, because I’d never seen it before. Trey forced a thin rope into a groove all the way around the rubber gasket surrounding the window, then when the window was in place, he just pulled the rope out which popped the rubber seal inside all the way around. I never knew that’s all there was to it (and I guess that’s not “all there is to it” on newer model cars). You can’t really push a window in from the outside, but if you’re ever trapped inside an ‘86 Audi Quattro, remember that you can push out the back window without too much effort.
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