Gory Horror Story

John Millington
2 min read
Keyboard Horror
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…and then the masked clown snuck up behind his next victim. A quick prick of the syringe, and the office worker was helplessly paralyzed, yet still conscious and able to perceive. The clown produced his pocket knife and snickered evilly as he unfolded the blade.

"Nnnn, dnn" the office worker tried to mumble, terrified yet unable to move his lips. With a sickening sadist grin, the clown set to work on his new macabre masterpiece. The office worker’s eyes bulged with horror and frantically darted around, seeking any sign of hope or rescue.



Somehow the nerves made their connection, and against all medical knowledge a bloodcurdling "Noooo!" escaped from the victim’s mouth.

The masked clown’s snicker grew to a full belly laugh, and he forced the victim’s face toward the horror. Keys had been pried off the keyboard, and the accumulated detritus—usually out of sight and out of mind—was plainly exposed to raw reality. Years of dust, hair, and
other had always lurked only a fraction of an inch from the victim’s fingers. Now it was thrust into his consciousness and it was impossible to pretend ignorance. Faux-oblivion offered no mercy.
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