Goth Karaoke At Retros

Nick Brown
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Goth Karaoke at Retros
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Yes, you heard me. Four of us went to Goth Karaoke Night at Retros on Tuesday.

I hadn’t been in Retros for a couple years (hey, I don’t go out much) and it seemed much bigger than I remembered. It’s definitely got a funky feel that I’m not altogether against. I don’t think my photo does the ambience justice; the camera’s flash somehow dispells, if only for a moment, the cloying closeness, the pervasive murk and musk of barland.

KIRK: Do you smell that? A sweet odour like honey. It was years ago, on another planet. A thing with a an odour like that.

Did I mention they have a picture of Spock on the stage? They do.

Two of us ordered a cocktail called “
Sex with an Alligator” because it had what seemed like a zillion booze ingredients ending with Jagermeister, which made it naturally hilarious. It tasted like sno-cone syrup, but the waiter was nice.

And then the karaoke began. Fantastic. It wasn’t really singing, per se. It was more like a poetry reading from the Cookie Monster, and I mean that as a compliment. I wish we had stayed longer!

Goth Karaoke at Retros

“Sex with an Aliigator” cocktail

Goth Karaoke at Retros

Two Gentlemen Sing/Speak Goth to the Teleprompter

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