Grãpples And Odoriferous Wine

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
Noseplugs may be necessary when drinking stinky wine.
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When I bought it, I thought it was one of those genetic hybrids: an apple crossed with a grape. They call it a Grãpple, and though I usually can’t stand made-up combo words, I like this one for some reason. You pronounce it with a long “A.”

Really though, it’s an apple with some grape flavoring all over it. The fake grape scent is a dead giveaway.

I ate it. It tastes like an apple without the tart. You can’t taste the grape exactly, but it’s there, dampening the apple flavor. The company that makes this thing is advertising it as a way to get your kids to eat fruit. But my question is: If they don’t like apples, what makes you think they’re going to like grapes? Still, I bought it.

We got this bottle of Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc in the mail. You know your job is good when you get booze in the mail. Jessica broke it out last night while we were watching “America’s Next Top Model,” a show that makes me want to eat greasy food out of sheer bloodymindedness.

The wine was … smelly. I’m no wine expert, but this one was really odd to me. It tastes like a really bland white table wine. The smell that hits you before you get it down, though, is kind of awful. Perhaps someone with more wine knowledge can explain this odoriferous happenstance to me. Jessica?

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