Grieving Mother Calls For Teen Treatment Options In Albuquerque

Marisa Demarco
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Grieving mother calls for teen treatment options in Albuquerque
(Illustration by Brapola!)
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As we reported in June, heroin is on the rise in our city. "We know there is a significant increase in heroin sales in Albuquerque, but we just don’t know how much is out there," said Capt. Matt Thomas in an interview. "We tend to see different trends in drug prevalence, where it went from cocaine to meth and now to heroin."

At this week’s Council meeting, Jennifer Weiss spoke of her son’s death. She found the 18-year-old in his bedroom on Saturday. She said he’d overdosed. For about a year, Weiss has been speaking out about the problem as the president of the Heroin Awareness Committee. She and others asked the Council to find funding for a teen treatment center. Read the
full story.
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